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Poker Dice is a board game in which combinations are made using the numbers on the sides of the dice. The goal is to score the highest number of points. Playing poker dice can be a minimum of two people, the maximum number of participants is unlimited. The outcome of the dice depends largely on luck, the use of any tactics and strategies is possible only in some varieties of entertainment.

Basic Rules

The game uses 5 classic dice with six sides. Before the start of the game a special table is drawn out, in which each player enters the results of the throw.

By drawing lots is determined by the participant, who will start the game. For each turn the player will have three attempts. You can use them all, or stop, if satisfied with the dropped set. Unused rolls are burned.

The game consists of two stages.

First stage

Players collect simple combinations – three dice or more of equal value. There are a total of six moves in the first stage. After the first attempt, the necessary cubes are put aside, and the rest are thrown again.

For example: A roll brings 3, 3, 3, 5, 1. To record three or more threes, the participant leaves 3, 3, 3 and rolls the rest again. Having collected the combination, the poker player marks it in the corresponding field in the table. If throwing the right numbers did not work, the player must record a zero result in any box of his choice.

After all the moves are made, the results are summed up. Depending on the type of contest, there are two options for scoring:

A closed set of three digits is scored 0 points, of two, a minus value (-1 in the one line, -2 in the two line, etc.), and of four, a plus value (on a similar principle). If the resulting total score is equal to or greater than 0, then the participant is awarded 50 bonus points.
Even one die can be recorded. The corresponding line shows the sum of all digits. For example, for a roll of 5, 5, 4, 1, 6 in the table is written down at your choice: 10 points in the column of fives, 4 – in fours, 6 – in sixes or 1 – in ones.
In the second choice, a bonus of 35 points is awarded for a total of more than 62.

Stage Two

The second stage begins collecting poker combinations. The principle is the same – three tries per move.The calculation of points in the classic version is as follows.
In some cases, only the dice involved in the layout are counted. At the end of the cone, the total number of points for each participant is recorded. The poker player who scores more than the others is declared the winner.

The main strategy of entertainment is to strive to get the most points. In the gameplay it is important not only to collect all the necessary positions, but also, at a convenient opportunity, to refuse to close a difficult set in favor of a larger sum of points.

For example, after getting 2, 2, 2, 2, 5, 5 with a closed full house, it is advisable to get rid of twos before you roll again, as the expected score with fives in points may be higher than with twos.

Poker combinations

In the second round, you need to collect from six poker sets (in some varieties up to 10):

  • Set – three dice with the same value.
  • Full house – 2 of one value, 3 of another.
  • Small straight – a sequence of four digits.
  • Large straight – five consecutive digits.
  • Four of a Kind – four of the same digits.
  • Poker – five identical digits.

In addition to poker sets, the table should contain a column “any” or “chance”. Any layout can be entered there. Often the table is expanded by adding positions: pair, two pairs, even and odd. Each column is filled once, you can not overwrite the data in the table.

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