Poker rules both for beginners and advanced casino players

Poker rules: Blackjack, Texas Hold’em basics and poker table explained

Poker is a card game that has been incredibly popular in casinos for decades. You have seen references to poker in films, books, and TV series. And this is not surprising, because pokere tables can be found in almost every casino in the world. The most popular type of poker these days is Texas Hold’em. 90% of the poker tables that you will see in the casino will be devoted to this particular type of poker.

For many years, the largest poker tournament in the world, the World Series of Poker, has been held once a year. The total prize fund of the tournament is several tens of millions of dollars, and the participant who won the first place can receive up to 10 million dollars. Interested, right? Before you start playing poker, you need to learn poker rules, poker cards and a poker table. Even a place at the table matters in poker and can give you an edge over other players. And remember, poker is a game that rewards you based on the amount of effort. If you just rely on luck, you will quickly lose all the money. And if you use strategies and skills, pot is already yours.

Blackjack and Texas Hold’em basic rules

In this poker rules section we will analyze blackjack rules and Texas Hold’em rules in detail. Let’s start with blackjack:

  • 2-7 players at the table.
  • At the beginning of the round, all players receive two open cards.
  • Each card has its own value: 2-10 cards are equivalent to their number, Jack, Queen, King – 10, Ace – 1 or 11.
  • The player’s goal is to get the largest combination of up to 21 points.
  • If you exceeded 21, you lose.
  • The player can draw new cards or save a hand.
  • After players turn, dealer fills his hand.
  • If you collected combos better than the dealer, and did not exceed 21, you get a payout.

Blackjack rules are very simple and you will quickly remember them in the first few games. But Texas Hold’em rules are much more complicated:

  1. 2-10 people play at the table.
  2. At the beginning of the game, each player receives 2 cards face down.
  3. All players make bets; the dealer puts 3 cards on the table.
  4. The betting circle is repeated and 4 cards appear on the table.
  5. The bets are repeated again and the final 5 card appears on the table.
  6. The player who has the strongest combination takes the pot .

Before you start playing, you should learn all the combinations in poker to avoid mistakes.

Texas Hold’em poker table

Classic Texas Hold’em table is designed for 9 players + dealers. At tournaments you can find a table for 10 or 11 players. Unlike blackjack, the dealer is not a player and is only responsible for following the poker rules. The Texas Hold’em table has a big blind and a small blind, which are regulated by the limits of the table. The big and small blinds are mandatory bets made by players at the beginning of the round. The big blind is the minimum table limit, and the small blind is half this limit. The role of the big and small blinds is transferred clockwise at the beginning of each round.

If you are joining an active table, then choose a place before the big blind. This will allow you to play a full circle without bets and get to know opponents without spending money.


If you want to try online poker for free, you should look at poker rooms rather than gaming apps. They have more types of poker, a customizable look, and free tournaments with prizes. It’s easier to switch from them to a cash game when you’ve honed your strategy well and are able to score wins. You can force your opponents to discard cards, use bluffs, collect the highest possible combinations and improve your strategy. And if you already feel strong player – get no deposit bonus.

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