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Many people mistakenly believe that casinos are all about cheating. This is not true, all the games presented are subject to standard rules, there are approved standards for communication with guests, draws, and the percentage of payout devices in general is regulated by the state. But all institutions use absolutely legal tricks in their own way.

Casino tricks

The interior and arrangement of equipment in them is subject to the principle of a labyrinth. You will never see cash registers and toilets at the entrance – all this is done to make you sneak in, looking at the machines and gaming tables on the way, and be sure to linger. Having a checkroom is also a thoughtful move. You can’t walk into a casino for five minutes and quickly check your luck. Taking off your jacket means staying in for the long haul.

A guest coming in for the first time can get confused, the scale and lights are designed to absorb their attention and put them to sleep. Hence the upholstered furniture and comfortable chairs at the tables, which beckon you to sit down, relax, and at the same time and play.

Every schoolboy knows about the lack of windows, sources of daylight and clocks – time should go unnoticed during the game. But blank walls also guarantee your privacy if the casino is located on a busy street, because no one can see the players inside.

A friendly staff is one of the most important features in a casino – guests should always have the impression that they are loved and very welcome here. This works well with those who have low self-esteem.

How to steal the jackpot.

In order to win at the casino, you need to follow a few rules and constantly control your appetite. Going to a restaurant and a casino are essentially the same thing – it’s entertainment, only in the case of eating you feel satiated, but in the case of gambling there are no boundaries.

Luck in your pocket

So the first and most important condition – clearly define the budget for the game. At the beginning you will help the so-called “rule of left pocket. The bottom line is that in one compartment of your pants you put the amount of money that is morally ready to go down that evening, preferably broken down into small bills or chips. When changing tables and machines and withdrawing your prizes, put all your winnings in another pocket, such as the right one. Don’t count or see how much money is there, in a word, don’t count on it. As soon as your stash is empty – leave the institution. And at home you can enjoy the sum of your winnings.

Automatic winning

Putting all your money into one machine and squeezing it to the last if it doesn’t give prizes is considered a serious mistake. Keep your eggs, as they say, in different baskets. Play the minimum wager on several machines at once. As soon as one of them will start dumping free credits and freespins – raise your bet. Follow the established strategy always, in this case your total prize will be higher than if you spent time with only one machine for the evening.

Craving for speed

Most of all institutions earn on slot machines, the next most profitable is considered roulette. Why? The answer lies in the mysterious word “spin”. Rotation of the drum on the machine and the circle, which makes the ball on the wheel, characterized by frequency and speed. It is the combination of these two factors that pulls the money out of your wallet the fastest. You probably heard stories about how quickly your friend or acquaintance flushed everything in 5 minutes while he was watching the numbers or funny pictures on the screen. To prevent this from happening to you, skip the bets at the table and press the “start” button less often – no one will kick you out for it.

The magic number

There is no magic number on roulette. You shouldn’t bet all on 13 Black, because legends are made about that number, or on 20 if it’s your date of birth. The probability of each individual number falling out is the same. So bet on several sectors at once – split, straight, square, line, dozen, color or even.

The order of the numbers on the roulette wheel has no mathematical explanation, but the neighbors on the wheel are worth knowing. On many roulette machines, electronic scoreboards display “burning” numbers, bet on them and on your neighbors to the right and left of the wheel. Also use cheat sheets, such as a roulette analyzer – search the Internet for articles on the request. Such a meter helps identify hot and cold numbers, the likelihood of ball sliding, and other tricks on the roulette wheel.

Cards on the table

The rules of poker, blackjack and baccarat do not need to be learned by heart, the descriptions are in books, the Internet. Most casinos offer their own brochures with game strategies, use them always at the table, it is not forbidden.

Familiarity with card entertainment should begin by playing against the dealer at the table, otherwise known as “against the casino.” In poker and blackjack, success depends on the hand you hit; both games are very dynamic and your profit is limited to the maximum table you hit. During the contest you can ask for advice, because the croupier can always give you a hint and help you make your choice. What you definitely shouldn’t do as a beginner is choose poker series against other players. Fighting against other people, you need experience, intelligence and even cunning. Fans of live tournaments have gone through thousands of hands in their careers and are very likely to leave an immature player with no money.

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