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Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge

Die Again by Tess Gerritson

Bad Blood by Casey Kelleher

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

Hope to Die by James Patterson

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A Dog Unearths Human Remains

Review of The White Shepherd by Annie Dalton

This murder mystery is set in Oxford.

Anna is somewhat of a recluse, after a family tragedy. She is out walking with Bonnie, a stray dog she has befriended, when Bonnie begins to dig up human remains.

There are quite a few twists and turns and the ending will not be what you suspect.

I enjoyed this story and even though I am not a dog lover, it still works for me. A gripping read, full of suspense and a good cast of characters.

Take a chance, as it is worth a read.



Star Rating: Three Stars

3-Star Rating


Supernatural Tale Had Me on Tenterhooks

Review of The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

A truly atmospheric, creepy read.

This is written through the eyes of a young brother, Andrew. His older brother, Hanny is mute and his mother believes he needs a miracle to heal him. They are devout Catholics and therefore go on a pilgrimage with their priest to an isolated spot on the North West coast of England.

What unfolds whilst they are staying at a grisly, old house, has you on tenterhooks throughout.

Unsettling, full of suspense and foreboding. A gripping read, which I recommend.

-- Elphaba


Star Rating: Four Stars

4-Star Rating


Excellent Drama Keeps You Guessing

Review of Hostage Taker by Stefanie Pintoff

This takes you on a spellbinding ride with a misfit group of FBI agents in a hostage situation in New York City.

I was instantly gripped at the start of this tense thriller. We begin outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan where a traumatised woman holds up a sign saying ‘Help Me.’ What follows is a fast paced, action packed story with lots of edge-of-your seat moments. Eve Rossi, FBI agent, has to manage this tense hostage situation and what a strong character she is. This book just keeps you guessing.

I loved this riveting story and was totally engrossed throughout. Highly recommended.



Star Rating: Five Stars



Gripping But Too Talky

Review of Blind Spot by Tom Kakonis

This is a harrowing read which follows the traumatic abduction of a young boy

This story is set in Chicago and is centred on the distraught Quinn family. Marshall falls asleep whilst looking after his young son, Jeff, on a family trip to the Planetarium. When he awakes his son is nowhere to be seen. What follows is a fast paced read involving lots of twists and a dramatic conclusion.

I found it had tension and suspense throughout, but was let down by a great deal of unnecessary dialogue.

Overall, an intriguing read.

-- Elphaba


Star Rating: Three Stars

3-Star Rating


Richly Plotted Historical Romp

Review of A Perilous Alliance by Fiona Buckley

Mistress Ursula Stannard has buried three husbands and now enjoys a peaceful rural life with her young son Harry and her devoted household. However Ursula is not the simple widow she may appear: the illegitimate half-sister of Queen Elizabeth I, she has another role as secret agent to the Queen.

Suddenly her whole comfortable life is threatened: England needs to build an alliance with France against the rising power of Spain, and Elizabeth needs Ursula to marry the French Count Renard and ideally produce a child with royal blood. Ursula most definitely doesn’t want to remarry, and she certainly doesn’t want to move to France, but she has been backed into a corner and is forced to entertain the Count, and expected to accept his proposal.

On the morning of the wedding there is a startling hiatus to the planning and life becomes extremely complicated.

So begins a desperate quest to save the life of an English spy, Christopher Spelton, who Ursula discovers has been betrayed. She must advise the Queen’s spymaster, Francis Walsingham, of the peril to Shelton, and must also set off herself, with her closest retainers to try to avert disaster.

Their journey leads them into a series of adventures, and meetings with diverse families and characters, including the chillingly evil Captain Garnett. Instead of taking Ursula and her party to Calais as agreed, he has altogether different plans for them.

This is an enjoyable book with lots of suspense and a number of denouements coming thick and fast. I must admit I found Ursula an unlikely spy and special agent, but somehow the author does make it work. There are convincing ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies,’ romance, adventure, pirates and white-slavers and mutiny -- which make for an intriguing and page-turning tale.

After a daring escape, Ursula and her party must report to the Queen and to Walsingham before undertaking a final task and a four hundred mile journey to Edinburgh.

The ending is, as it must be, predictable with all living happily, if not for ever after. All in all an enjoyable romp through Elizabethan England.

-- Pashtpaws


Star Rating: Four Stars

4-Star Rating



Everything Burns by Vincent Zandri

Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner


A Wanted Man

Chasing The Ripper by Patrcia Cornwell

Gone Girl