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Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge

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Tokyo Kill by Barry Lancet

Brilliant Plot

 "Eight people had already died by the time Akira Miura showed up at our door fearing for his life". And so this roller coaster with Jim Brodie of Brodie Security starts as he tries to make sense of the story that the old man is telling him, that the deaths are all members of a group of Japanese soldiers who were stationed in China. Akira Miura is convinced that the Chinese Triad are responsible and when Akira Miura's son turns up beaten beyond recognition, with an arm having been severed, (a death which could be associated with a message from the Triad) that Jim Brodie realises that he's taking on a very big, very powerful organisation.

Jim Brodie has inherited the security business from his father and his love for Japanese art from his mother. He is also a single parent to an exuberant six year old daughter, who thinks they are on holiday in Japan when this case blows up, giving Jim the extra problem of keeping her out of harm's way until he's managed to get to the bottom of it all. A very difficult task when everyone seems to be hell-bent on wiping him off the planet!

A superb book full of all sorts of historical facts about the Japanese and their dubious role in China during WW2. Barry Lancet has also managed to incorporate Japanese art dealing into the story.

I could not put the book down and fought sleep rather than wait till the next day to find out how the book ended. Yes, Jim Brodie survives the most astonishing odds, but who cares - the story sparkled, raced and I still managed to get a history and an art lesson, outstanding! -Treebeard

 5-Star Rating

Rating: Five Stars




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